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Over time, breathing in this way will cause the diaphragm to weaken through poor recruitment and performance will suffer. It’s worth remembering that your breathing rhythm will also depend on the speed at which you are running and on the terrain. Great practice no matter your hand-placements rather than relying on an instinctive sense of diaphragmatic breathing technique running hand-positions as used. The diaphragm is not the only muscle involved in breathing; there are other accessory muscles. Even the world’s fastest runner, Usain Bolt, will not deny the fact that running is a high impact aerobic exercise and many injuries could be associated with it.
Muscles work together to cause a movement and running involves co-ordination of your upper and lower limb muscle groups.

Running being a high impact aerobic exercise requires a great amount of oxygen supply to your muscles to produce energy. Concentrate on breathing using the diaphragm, not using the chest, and feeling the stomach rise as the lungs fill from the bottom.
When breathing out, the diaphragm relaxes along with the intercostal muscles, allowing air to leave. This breathing exercise teaches you to sustain your inhales and exhales, and to use your lungs to the maximum. Simply put, it is not uncommon for some to experience some sort of aches and pains in your knee after running.
Though this condition is associated with running, even normal people who engage in knee workouts could be affected by it.

It is mostly believed to be a fault in the biomechanics of your body during the running process. If you are breathing deeply enough you should see your fingers move apart as your ribs move upwards and outwards as you breathe in. Co-ordinating your inhalation and exhalation with your footfall can help to build diaphragmatic strength. If however, your chest moves up and down rather than your abdomen, your breathing is too shallow.

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