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Definition of confidentiality in nursing,where to start cleaning my room,38 years old - 2016 Feature

The essay will define confidentiality its importance to nursing profession and professional code of conduct. Codes of Conduct The essay will define confidentiality its importance to nursing profession and professional code of conduct.
It must be stressed that the consent policy must be follow to avoid legal actions be taken for breach of confidentiality. Yet with all the rule and regulations, nursing home patient abuse is on the rise and it all has to do with operations and budgeting. How to ensure confidentiality and legislation governing access to confidential information.

Studies show that the main problems in nursing homes, is they are understaffed, which results in the inability to meet the needs of the residents. Confidentiality is keeping secret, the shared information depending on the situation arising.
Dimond (2002) define confidentiality as one of the values of good care practise that is concerned with protecting private information about the patient and clients obtained during the period of professional practise Importantly all nurses including midwives have legal and professional responsibilities to respect the rights of patients and clients and to treat them equally. Clause 5.3 Code of Professional Conduct NMC (2002) supports the practising and registered nurses and argues that confidentiality can be overridden if it is in the public interest. Despite the fact that confidentiality is not an absolute guarantee, it can be seen as a key ethical issue and guideline to good practice.

In this case, there may be expectations when clients will be denied an access to all information on their files; so as to protect sources of information, the rights and confidentiality of others or hinder the achievement of good care plan. All nursing codes of ethics have a clause regarding confidentiality Ethical issues often arise to question the principle of confidentiality and create conflicts.

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