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Using the space in your children’s bedroom can make a big difference, so here are some top decluttering tips for any kids bedroom.
If your closet is exploding and you trip over your shoes on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it's probably time for a seasonal bedroom declutter session. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and a tidy space will help you enjoy this sweet oasis. Here are our best tips for airing out your closet, coordinating your clothes and getting dirty laundry off the floor.Top Tips for Decluttering Your BedroomSet a small goal, and be faithful to fulfill it.

Also consider instituting a policy that no new item of clothing goes into the closet without an old item coming out.Take a look around your bedroom, and determine if you can get rid of a few pieces.
Host a neighborhood yard sale, and turn unwanted furniture, clothing and other items into extra spending money.Remove all items from tables, dressers and other surfaces in the bedroom and sort them.
We knew we would probably be moving this year and that my bedroom size closet would need to be downsized to a regular walk-in size closet.
At the very least, give your bedroom a good, thorough cleaning before moving furniture back in.2.

Clothing: The Hidden CulpritAnytime you declutter a bedroom, you invariably run into a surfeit of clothing, shoes and accessories.

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