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And of course, to keep the kids out of the room (or maybe to rid any visitors), add a cute door hanger. Decluttering an entire house can be a big job and on top of the usual commitments like work, childcare and the day to day tasks of running a household, it’s a job easily pushed aside.
But decluttering regularly is important for your health and wellbeing, so it is a task that is just as important as cleaning the toilet or doing the dishes.
The conventional advice on decluttering your home is to set aside a weekend to declutter the entire house, all at once.
Rather than tackling your whole house, or even a whole room, break the decluttering process down into small, manageable chucks: a single drawer, half a cupboard, one shelf.
If you intend to declutter a little each day, it is useful to have a decluttering checklist to keep track of what you’ve done and what still needs decluttering.
Before you begin decluttering each room, go through and work out what needs decluttering, breaking the room down into the smallest units (a single drawer or shelf) and draw up a checklist to keep track of the process. Before you tackle the sorting and the decluttering, gather your supplies and think about your workflow.

You will need bags or boxes (for the garbage, for sale if you intend to sell stuff, for charity, and for things that need relocating to other rooms or need storing), cleaning supplies to wipe down shelves or dust drawers and possibly pen and labels. You will also need to consider where you are going to temporarily store these bags or boxes while you declutter. Thirdly, I think it’s a matter of respect to involve (older) children when decluttering their stuff. On the up side, you can delegate tasks to partners and older children, reducing your workload and making the decluttering process quicker. Most of us are busy and decluttering is a task that can easily be put off and put off until we are drowning in stuff.
My small moment of declutter was finally putting the wedding dress up for sale on idogowns…although it hasn’t sold yet!
Remove dangerous or breakable items then let them explore and discover this new stuff as you declutter. I decluttered my quilting stash by pulling everything out of the wardrobe and dumping it all on the floor.

By making decluttering a priority and doing a little each day, it doesn’t take long to clear our your home of excess clutter.
This left no room for the random towels or wash cloths that tend to linger in the linen closet.
It takes longer, yes, and stuff can get spread all over the place, but it’s free entertainment (without the TV on) and you can declutter one drawer while they explore another. It’s just as important for children to have a say in the decluttering process of their own possessions.

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