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Author Neil Gaiman, who is best known for his fantasy novels and for his comic book series The Sandman, has noted the fact that Doctor Who has no female writers.
The last woman to write an episode for Doctor Who was Helen Raynor, who wrote two linked episodes, The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky, for the fourth season of the Doctor Who reboot in 2008.
Though I’m sad that, with the recent popularity of Doctor Who, the seventh season has not been made available, I’m still keeping this up on my queue and in the first spot! I don’t rewatch TV shows a whole lot, but I have seen the first two series of Sherlock three times.
The Story: Take the Doctor, Donna Noble (one of my favourite companions), add Agatha Christie, an alien bug and a jewel thief called The Unicorn and you get a fantastic literary episode. The Story: Amy, the Doctor and Rory are trapped in a two universes where Amy gets to decide which world is real and which is a dream. There are a lot of big bangs (if you’ll beg my pardon) coming up in the Whoniverse lately to keep fans excited. Fans of BBC’s Being Human series have probably already heard: the current season will be the show’s last.

For those who may not be familiar, Toby Whithouse has written episodes for Doctor Who’s second, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. And unlike many of the current writers on Doctor Who, he just helmed a successful BBC series. The script writer based it on a real story from his life; the girl he based Summer on read his script and related more to Tom than to Summer. But, a few things happened and well, by the time David Tennant became the Doctor I was hooked! We’ve got a brand new companion, the Doctor’s wearing waistcoats now, and the 50th anniversary special is coming.
It also went through a massive shift at the end of its third season, when two of its main cast members decided to leave the show—Being Human not only recovered from the blow but managed to do a soft reboot with a new cast, which can’t help but remind us of exactly what’s it’s like handling a regenerating main character with friends who come and go. Also I find that this is one of the few spinoffs of already established TV shows that I love and it was the show I found before I even became a fan of Doctor Who! While heading that show, Whithouse proved he was a master at meshing the real-life subtleties with the extraordinary, which is particularly important where Who is concerned.

I particularly like the ones set in the past, where the doctor assists historical figures; and the way the episodes always seem to fit with history. The actors have great chemistry on screen, the writers did a great job translating a well loved story to modern times. What’s more, he excels at the sort of writing that Doctor Who demands—he’s fantastic with comedy, with meticulous character development, with outrageous plots and scary monsters.
I haven’t caught up with the current series, but I hope to do that sometime this year. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, all I saw was some very lucky kids having a lot of fun at the Olympic opening and some hard working doctors and nurses honored for their work and Mary Poppins (my favourite nanny), a symbol of imagination.

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