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Acknowledging the Agile Manifesto and how an organization may adopt their culture to it, is one of the first steps to agility. Active communication is an essential component of any culture change programme.  In terms of level of effort and impact, this step probably takes approximately 20% of the effort of your culture change initiative.
Achieving cultural change is a difficult and lengthy process but it can be achieved with adequate leadership resolve.
Culture may be thought of as a pyramid, the foundation of which is formed from the values and beliefs of the organization.
We begin with the organization’s Core Values as the foundation for a new culture, defined in terms of behaviors, both supporting and nonsupporting. Vicki is an executive from Redstone Highlands, an organization that has been engaged in culture change for several years.

The value of culture change was as significant to Redstone financially as it was to Vicki personally. In fact, my passion lies in the culture of being Agile, rather than a dogmatic adherence to a framework. To truly be Agile, organizations must work on the cultural change required regardless of the framework. You may have to decide that the behaviors of certain leaders or key employees are detrimental to the culture you want to create. 3.
Implementation of those policies and practices results in the culture-defining behaviors that your employees witness (and imitate) in their daily work. Employee perception provides a powerful mirror for leaders to understand the true culture of the organization, and their own contribution to it.

Culture can only be changed by first taking an honest look at the organization’s accepted behavior. This painful awareness allowed Vicki to change how she interacted with people on all levels, making her an impressive example for the rest of the organization to follow.
For that reason, our culture change process begins with the leadership of the organization.

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