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If you are looking for a credit card without income proof in India, you will find this article very helpful. The interest rate on SBI Advantage Plus Credit Card is 2.25% per month, that is 27% per year. Interest Free Credit limit is 20 to 50 days, which is applicable only on retail purchases and if the previous months outstanding amount is paid. The SBI Credit Card’s website can be confusing for SBI Advantage Plus credit card users.

Encash is a loan that SBI gives on a low interest rate over your credit card’s credit limit. The extended credit means, you can use your credit card for the retail purchase and the interest will not be applicable for a certain period of time.
I did not have any income proof, but I needed a credit card to make international payments, like to pay for an Android app.
SBI opens Fixed Deposit of 25,000 rupees or 50,000 rupees in your name, so it can issue a credit card for you.

For example, If I buy movie tickets using my credit card, I will not have to pay the interest for certain period. I have State Bank of India savings bank account, so naturally I thought to have a credit card of the same bank.

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