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Great public speakers are always authentic – they connect with their audiences and speak with a natural confidence that is born of inner conviction.
Our public speaking training offers a powerful and effective communication skills foundation. And this public speaking training isn’t just for people who are a little nervous about public speaking. Learn how to become a confident and authentic speaker with one of our public speaking courses. Our public speaking training helps you develop a personal presenting or speaking style that comes from within you – not merely a few techniques to improve your outward appearance. Traditional presentation training courses tend to work at the level of technique – how to stand, how to use your voice, where to put your hands. Learn a lifelong skill: Naturally confident and engaging public speaking is an asset for life – a skill that could make all the difference in your future. Practice: We believe effective public speaking training is about getting the right balance between theory and practice. We’re not promising this course will turn you into the next Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton, or give you the business success of Richard Branson.
We’d love for you to experience how satisfying and enjoyable this can be – so get in touch today and book your public speaking course.
Individuals developing a career – Whatever your role, the ability to speak with integrity and confidence will prove a huge asset for your career. Trainers and coaches – if your job or business is about helping other people to develop, then our public speaking training is perfect for you. This is spacer text to make the page lay out cleanly and to make the text easy to read.

Whatever your background, our public speaking training is designed to help you become more confident and effective in your communication. To find out more about our public speaking courses call us today on +44 (0) 7947 302 171, fill out our contact form or make a booking online now. We have developed courses that will help you connect with your audience and ensure your message is heard, understood and remembered. Our courses are also designed for you confident speakers – to help you become more compelling, engaging and effective. Our approach is about providing you with the insight, skills and learning environment to discover the natural and confident public speaker inside you – from the inside out. But we are here to help you gain natural confidence that suits your personality, to discover the skills you have. Our public speaking training is about teaching you how to create that authentic connection you need to have an impact on any audience.
Speaking with authenticity and presence facilitates learning and makes it more fun. This is spacer text to make the page lay out cleanly and to make the text easy to read. We’ll show you how the right training can help you become a relaxed and confident public speaker – just by being yourself.
We want you to learn the very foundations that great public speaking is built on – the ability to naturally connect with yourself and your audience; to speak authentically and with confidence. Strengthening your own, natural charisma helps your speaking style and message become more effective and memorable. This is spacer text to make the page lay out cleanly and to make the text easy to read. When your speaking style is in harmony with your personality, you become naturally more confident and engaging. This is spacer text to make the page lay out cleanly and to make the text easy to read.

Her lively style and innovative ideas provide an injection of confidence to all who attend her programmes. I have no hestitation in recommending Sarah as a public speaking trainer.Previous attendees, The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking Course, London“Everyone should join! Whole group tuition from Ginger founder, author & inspiring speaking expert, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes will be combined with small group break-out sessions.
Registered Company 07476105 Public speaking training, public speaking nerves, confident public speaking, running a workshop, presentation skills, keynote speeches & speech giving. The Inspiring Speakers programme is one of Ginger Training & Coaching's programmes on confidence-building. As a result of this course I’ve decided I want to make a living doing public speaking and training! There were so many aspects from the course to put into any style of communication, not just public speaking. As such we would expect you have some experience of public speaking, although all levels are welcome. We share TED’s values of authenticity, unique insight and bringing positive benefit to the world through outstanding public speaking. Our contribution to this new and exciting movement is to offer people the chance to learn and benefit from this style of speaking and in turn to bring benefit to their clients, communities and industries.

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