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Our belt system builds confidence through the recognition of achievement in an environment which is fair, supportive, and founded on integrity.
At least twice a year, Healthy Babies Project offers Confident Parenting, a skill-building program for parents of African-American children that equips participants with tools to parent their children responsibly. HBP adopted the Confident Parenting program in 2004 when we observed that many of our African-American clients had falsely accepted a culture of hopelessness and poverty as their only lifestyle choice. By enrolling in the program, parents learn specific early care and parenting skills necessary to strengthen their families and raise successful children. Parents learn effective discipline skills, enhance their relationships with their children, transfer cultural pride, and raise pro-social, competent, and healthy children.

Program content helps parents learn to identify the root causes of their parenting struggles, including harsh to non-existent disciplinary measures, an absence of an achievement strategy, and ethnic self-disparagement.
Finally, Confident Parenting produces systemic change in the African-American community’s attitudes because of its structure. Learn more about Confident Parenting by calling (202) 396-2809 or when you email program director Ruth Rich.
While our children's program promotes physical fitness and a practical method of self-defense, we foster a greater appreciation for self-control and mental awareness.
The mental aspects of your child's training will develop self-respect, confidence, awareness, and focus.

Major evaluation studies have concluded that Confident Parenting produces significant increase in the use of positive parenting practices (along with reductions in negative practices), significant improvements in the quality of family relationships, significant reductions in parental rejection, significant reductions in delinquent, withdrawn, and hyperactive behavior among children, and significant differences in social competencies. The program’s African-American cultural focus is not only dominant, but it is also integrated with proven parenting skills. While our black belts set an excellent example to all students, selected members of our youth program provide positive role models for the younger children.

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