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Experience shapes us and the messages we receive from a very young age can determine what will hold us back in the long run, stifling our confidence in particular situations.
Demi Lovato: At the age of 18 she courageously sought mental health assistance for bipolar disorder, self-injury, and eating disorders. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Taking the time to tune into the source of confidence involves making space in the mind for reflection.

Everyone gets confidence in different ways, but because young people are trying to work out their identity, they are particularly tuned into feedback from others, especially peers online. How to develop an internal confidence source Once a young person knows the difference between an internal and external confidence source, they can tune in more accurately to where they are getting confidence.
And as the new school year begins, young people who nurture self-confidence will nurture their mental health.
In order to have more confident adult women, more attention and awareness needs to be placed on raising confident and empowered girls.

An internal source of confidence is something each young person can develop and nurture for themselves. Even the most confident adults would feel their self-esteem falter if they were depending so much on positive feedback for validation.

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