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When your spouse has something to share, be slow to correct or interrupt with what you think is the better way.
God’s message of love is spelled out within the pages of His word and is where we will find all the answers we need for learning how to communicate with grace and humility. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.
God created us to be unique so that we can complement each other with our different ideas, not beg, whine, or shout in order to get our point across. All this self-centered communicating will only serve to make the enemy happy and cause division in our marriages. One of the best ways to breathe life into your marriage is to learn how your spouse feels loved the most. To read all the posts in order, start with Day 1 and check out our overview page to see the topics for the entire month. But I almost can’t handle seeing all the middle agers who now have to have the phone within eyesight.

Her book, which can be found on Amazon, encourages women to clear the clutter in their hearts and homes by focusing on what is really important – their daily walk with Jesus. Adam and Eve needed and depended on God desperately, but I often wonder what their marital communication must have been like. For us, we’ve had to become students of the Word and work intentionally at learning how to serve one another in and through our daily communication.
I did it because the moments of childhood are fleeting, it’s an extra 5 minutes of being next my child and connecting with them.
In those long conversations together, I’m sure that Adam was learning art of loving communication. I used to argue with my husband and compare my day to his, which always resulted in division and was rooted in pride. Keeping these mental lists will only hold our spouses hostage over things they cannot change and prevent the healing and wholeness that God so desires for our relationships.
Reading Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages was really eye opening for me and revealed so many new ways for me to connect with my own husband and ultimately strengthen our marriage.

And honestly, even though it’s work, there is so much more joy when we choose to live on the same page with one another instead of on opposite sides of the fence. Even though I may have turned off my phone for the weekend our young teen and tween are still distracted and can easily get consumed with their devices.
Instead, we need to approach one another with humility and just be open about how we feel instead of entering that self preservation mode. As time went by, as with most married couples, life happens, outside distractions set it and the world suddenly feels like it’s against you. Connecting with one another through quick phone conversations, texts and emails when we’re not together can really go a long way toward making the other feel encouraged. But, it’s so easy to become a slave to it—to use it as a barrier that shields us  from true communication, to prefer the mindless surfing to actual talking and connecting.

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