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Clearing out house before moving,how to increase self esteem,feeling sad and depressed what to do - PDF 2016

Moving out can be hard enough on its own, but to top it off, you might not get your deposit back if you leave it a mess.
Find out whether your landlord or apartment complex automatically cleans the carpet, without charge to you, when you move out or whether they require you to have stayed in the apartment a certain number of years before they will waive the carpet cleaning. Some apartment complexes only require that the walls be primed upon your move-out, check with your apartment complex before buying paint to be sure. If possible, you should clean your apartment after all of your items are out of the apartment and on a day other than your move-out day or move-out inspection day. To do a really good job, you should pull out the stove and refrigerator and clean that part of the floor too.

Usually apartment owners have good deals worked with professional cleaners and this may help you avoid all the effort of cleaning during stressful period of moving to new place. Think twice before throwing them into the dishwasher, because thermal stresses and harsh detergents may damage the glass.
Place newspaper in front of the oven, slightly underneath the door or drawer and extended out to protect your floor from dripping cleaner. Replace all burnt out light bulbs, and if the place still looks dark and dingy, upgrade to brighter bulbs. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the chemicals in oven cleaners, you can use a dilution of 100g baking soda in 1 liter (0.3 US gal) of water and spray onto the surfaces and leave for at least 1 hour.

After one hour use an ice scraper to remove the burnt carbon, and spray any remaining in the oven.

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