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Stephanie says that it doesn’t matter how pricey that bag was or what random situation might require you to pull out that tote you haven’t used in ages. Cleaning out the closet is a new year ritual that shouldn’t be skipped, so put that brave face on and get ready to face the music. Moving through one category at a time (drawers, then what’s hanging, then shoes), pull out anything that’s stained and throw it in the trash.

When it comes to garages, Walsh recommends "jumping in the deep end" by staging an annual clutter-cide, wherein every last garden shear and mystery electrical wire is dragged out to be assessed and (in most cases) eliminated. Then pull out the random mugs and servewhere you’re always reaching past and put them on a table. Allison has already cleared out some of the garage by holding a yard sale ("One person assumed it was a multifamily sale," she says), and persuading her parents to donate their second fridge ("There was a square-shaped carpet of rat droppings underneath").

Fill up small boxes with gently-used books (throw out anything that’s torn or stained), then send them off for donation and relish in your new-found space.

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