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Gift giving is a great way to raise moral, cement business relationships, and keep clients happy. The post Business Gifts Under $10 for Clients and Employees appeared first on Small Business Trends. When you want to show your appreciation for all your employees have done for you, look no further. This NFL serve bowl from Pottery Barn is a great gift idea for any football fan you work with. Here is an inexpensive gift for the partner or colleague who has worked hard for his or her title.
No matter who you’re buying for, these employee gift ideas are a good place to start looking.
But depending on the number of people on your list, gift giving can become expensive, especially for the small business owner. These gifts items suggested are not only eye candy & useful, but can also save company cost from buying an expensive items.
Boasting over 500,000 titles from over 900 publishers, this is another gift that should be appropriate year round. Likely to make an appropriate gift for anyone on your list with a phone, they also quite affordable at just $9.99. If you want to share this unique experience with your employees, the flip clock is just over $30 at Amazon. As with most office Secret Santas and gift exchanges, there's a cap on how much you should spend on the items you plan to give your coworkers. The ResQMe, available at Amazon for less than 10 bucks, is one of our favorite gifts for people with loved ones who are of driving age, or for colleagues you know have long commutes every day to and from the office. If your colleague likes a fine whiskey now and again, or if you're even lucky enough to share a finger or two at work now and again, a set of Whiskey Stones may be a great gift to your colleagues. If you're considering giving your colleague the gift of cable management and organization, Apple Cores can coil up any slack cable attached to your headphones, your mouse or keyboard, your phone's charging cable, or any other cable you may have a little too much slack on.
The Stoppy door stop is made by the same folks who are behind the Hang and Level picture hanging tool, and while you might not think of a door stop as a gift, this little comma-shaped door stop works to hold open doors of all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

We mentioned the Hang and Level not too long ago, but if you have a colleague that's recently moved house or is a fan of home decorating, this is the gift for them, and it doesn't cost very much to give. A decorative and environmentally friendly gift, these coasters could sit on your client of other business associates desk or coffee table year round keeping their relationship with you always in their minds.
Cherry Moon Farms has put together this delectable gift basket themed after an Italian lunch. Attention getting and useful Horn Scoop from LEIF is a gift for the colleague who likes to host fancy parties.
Whatever the reason, try to choose gifts that will show appreciation to your customers, clients or employees while keeping your business finances in mind.
Made from a base of China green tea and infused with fruit flavor, this is a gift for the refined palate.
You can also be assured clients or other business associates who receive this gift will likely use it year round keeping you and your business top of mind. Useful and fun, this is another gift that will keep the receiver thinking of you year round.
There are lots of options from a simple verbal thank you to a simple or fabulous gift like those you’ve described. The service will even send a custom e-Card with a personal message from you, so no need for shipping and your gift becomes instantly available. Depending on the name you draw, you may get someone you know very well, or you may turn up a colleague you don't know very well, and just because you spend at least 8 hours a day at the office doesn't mean you know everyone there well enough to buy them a gift.
The Whitey Notes make a great gift for a colleague who needs some space to make notes, and while the simple post-it notes are less than a dollar, the larger notepads will set you back about $3.99. The IngenuiTEA Teapot is the perfect gift for tea lovers and for anyone interested in drinking a cup of tea that didn't start life a s a tea bag. You can nestle the Stoppy under the bottom of the door where a traditional door stop would go, but you can also park it in between the door body and the frame to keep it open.
These leather cell phone cases from Personal Creations are not just a stylish gift but a practical one as well.
This succulent garden from ProFlowers is a great gift for that colleague that loves having some green in their office, but isn’t very skilled at keeping plants alive.

With a smooth leather finish, this leather padfolio would be a good gift for the busy meeting goers on your list. This is definitely not a gift you should consider for the more straitlaced individual in the office. They have a wonderful collection of traditional Indian Return Gifts in their beautiful site and even have an outstanding service. Here are a few Lifehacker suggestions for your office Secret Santa so you give a gift that's useful, saves them time and energy, and most importantly doesn't suck. This particular bonsai is just over $20 on Amazon, but you can find them in multiple price ranges depending on your office gift exchange's budget. From our list you can see that unique and memorable business gifts need not break the budget. For the candy lover who is a child at heart, this Retro Candy Gift Tower is like a blast from the past.
On the other hand, if you are looking to spend more on a high quality gift, consider this throw blanket from Pendleton Woolen Mills. And it’s also a gift that should be used again and again by those people on your list who already love to read.
At it's price, one or two in a gift bag to a coworker gives them the gift of an organized, tidy workspace and gives you the gift of a cleaner desk to look at when you stop by their desk. If you have a coworker that's a photo fan, it's a great gift that lets them get out from behind the camera every once in a while. Best of all, it's an affordable gift you can give to anyone in your office that will mean a lot to them and their families. Put an elegant touch on envelopes and documents, with the gift of this $60 custom embosser from Paper Source. A woven seagrass basket is loaded with gourmet goodies to compliment the classic California wine in this gift set from Gifttree.

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