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Christian Yoga: A Daily Christian Meditation Guide For Your Practice (Introduction to Meditation Book 2) - Kindle edition by Little Pearl, Julie Schoen.
The practice of Yoga predates Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and this path to wholeness has been interpreted over the centuries and throughout the world in many different ways. In the ancient writings where yoga finds its roots, the physical practice was just one component of an eight-fold path which prepared the way for meditation. These writings (the aphorisms of Patanjali) describe yoga as, “stilling the restless fluctuations of the mind” and another tells us that “postures should be steady and relaxed.” So, we do the poses with attention and focus, being in the present moment, noticing how it feels, without judgement, without trying to achieve anything.

As a Christian meditator I find that my sitting meditation practice and my bodywork practice reflect, support and enhance each other.
Our Mission: To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. You may attend a class where there are candles, joss sticks, chanting and references to ancient Hindu texts. In our contemplative work we sit in the present moment, noticing and letting go of distractions, mental habits and tensions.

Being able to sit, relaxed but alert and without pain is a valuable skill, as modern day practitioners know well! It is important to find a class where you are comfortable and at ease, both physically and spiritually and where the discipline supports your own journey to wholeness.

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