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A snapshot of a 15-item grocery basket in the UK today has revealed a ?6.83 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive supermarket (pictured) And this was despite every grocer other than Aldi having either one or two items missing because they were 'unavailable'. Sainsbury's (pictured) have also announced major investments in price cutting in this week alone'The response from many of the supermarkets has been to tighten their brand proposition and be more precise in their offering.'Supermarkets such as Aldi and to a certain extent Asda have focused on being the best value and cheapest products. Gaining popularity: While the discount supermarkets have been increasing their market share over the past 15 years, they are still no where near the level enjoyed by the more established chainsBaby products are considerably cheaper at Sainsbury’s, with an average PPU of 9p – it was 14p at Aldi.

Morrisons also came out cheapest on beauty and health, at 26p per unit compared to Aldi’s 54p. Even with the guarantees described to the left of this column, it is still better to shop at the cheapest supermarket rather than rely on getting vouchers back.
Consider alternatives It might be convenient, but the supermarket is not always cheapest.

Go down a brand If you have always put Heinz baked beans or Kellogg's cornflakes in your basket, you may never have tried own-brand cheaper imitations.

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