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Whether you live alone or have a roommate, you're probably paying more for rent than necessary. You may not always find the music you want for free, but if you're looking to enjoy talented musicians for free or on the cheap there are plenty of places you can go. Presumably you started this journey of cheap leaving with clothing, so now that you've reduced your living and eating costs the necessities are out of the way.
The exciting part about living cheaply is that you're bringing in much more cash than you were before, so the only thing you really have to do is allocate that money intelligently. Whether your saddled with credit card bills or student loans, this is one of the easiest ways to chip away at it consistently.
In a city as vast and varied as Los Angeles, it's extremely difficult to make generalizations. Rent part of your living space to someone who can use it, or at least offer up a room for vacationers looking for a relatively cheap place to stay. In addition to earning a few extra dollars online, there are ways you may be able to turn your specific situation into free cash.
While you're rarely going to get the same level of quality from frozen and canned goods, you can still make meals that are much better than you think are really cheap.

A quick search on Yelp for free music should turn up plenty of locations that offer concerts and live performances for absolutely no money. With the primary problem solved, we can talk about getting your finances in check and paving the way to financial security so you can live with fewer sacrifices down the road.
This guide will take you through a number of things I've done, and friends of mine have done, to dramatically cuts costs and live on the cheap.
Some screenings in bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York will even pay you for filling out a short survey afterwards. You'll also want to look for piano bars, restaurants that regularly provide live entertainment, and street fairs that invite musicians.
You probably don't want to cut them up, but demagnetizing their data strips, deleting their numbers from online retailers, letting your friends take care of them, switching to a cash-only policy, or literally freezing them (in a block of ice) are all good ways to keep you from spending unnecessarily. I find that the neighborhoods I've chosen are fairly good representatives of each of their larger areas of the city.I would also note here that, while the entirety of Los Angeles is extremely variable, each of these neighborhoods in and of themselves are diverse. And you don't have to earn porn-star money to live here.Cypress Park, the poor man's Mount WashingtonNestled between Eagle Rock and Mount Washington, Cypress Park is, in many ways, the Eastside area gentrification passed over.
Alternatively, if you're looking to live simply and frugally on a meager paycheck, read it all for a full-blown plan.

If you're without a computer at home, both stores are also excellent replacements for checking email, catching up on blogs, wasting time on Facebook, or anything else you can do online. Con: It butts up against LAX, the Chevron refinery and the Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant. Proximity to such hot spots as the Echo and the Short Stop should more than make up for the sporadic gunfire and police sirens.Little Armenia, the poor man's Los FelizAffordable housing in Los Feliz, where hipsters go to settle down, is but a distant memory.
Rents are $200 to $300 cheaper in Little Armenia, between Hollywood and Santa Monica boulevards just east of the 101. Los Feliz has Little Dom's and Skylight Books; Little Armenia has Zankou Chicken and a Church of Scientology.

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