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So if you want to eat tasty, but cheap quality meal while on holidays in Croatia, look for the places serving these kind of meals. Find a full list of excellent cheap restaurants in Zagreb or check our list of must-try restaurants in Zagreb. To find out where locals eat in Split, check our list of locals’ favorite restaurants, or read about best restaurants in Split. If you are looking for a good place to eat in Rovinj, check our post on the best restaurants in Rovinj.

Stomornica ( ): This place, located in the heart of old town, has always been popular for its fried smelt fish and pilchards, prosciutto, cheese and a glass of table wine. Exclusive Tips And Travel Deals From Croatia!Subscribe now to get a free access to our Croatia travel resources. If you want to eat cheap but good in Canada, UK, Brazil or USA you’ll look for all-you-can-eat buffets. The restaurant, located on the main road, is little appealing from outside, but their marenda is delicious, and starting at 30 Kn (4 €) onward, quite cheap. So far I am still not sure if I am making it to Croatia this summer, but if I do, I might be in touch with you and ask for some additional tips. You can still get a good meal, relatively cheap (from 40 Kn – 60 Kn), and enjoy a lunch at those places.
And at 10€-20€ per person (unless purchased as a half-board package along with your accommodation), they are not cheap.

Three different dishes are on a lunch menu here, and if everything is gone by the time you made it to Tri Volta, just order a plate of prosciutto and cheese.
Other popular pies include burek (minced meat filled pie) and cheese pie.  Buhtla is another typical pastry sold at Croatian bakeries.
These goods are produced with the high standard and you can get them at a cheap price there.

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