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The saying used to be "Dirt Cheap" but anyone who gardens knows that Dirt Cheap isn't so truthful these days. Free Fertilizer- Fertilizers can be quite expensive to purchase and are often laden with chemicals to "enhance" your garden or landscaping. Pest Control - Companion Planting is very effective for natural, chemical free, inexpensive pest control that works simply by planting certain plants together. Here is a very long list of homemade pest control remedies for flowers, fruit trees, gardens and household use.
Gardening Glove Secrets- Here on the east Coast, Poison Ivy,oak and sumac are rampant and gardening gloves are a requirement. I have found that saving and using the cooled water from boiling eggs for my husband and watering my fruits and veggies with that does wonders for them!
No need to ‘fork’ out for  expensive coffee table gardening books or celeb know-it-all DVDs.

Likewise, there’s no need to buy another seed tray or seedling pot when you can use anything from yoghurt pots hollowed out grapefruit halves and old toilet rolls to grow plants ready for planting out. Any receptacle is a potential planter – experiment with new and unusual containers for a unique and inspiring garden.
Not only is it a practical way to use up your well worn belongings, but the end effect is perfect for a quirky garden. What might seem like a somewhat icky gardening solution could save you a packet on chemical fertilisers that aren’t necessarily great for the environment.
Simply wait for roots to develop then plant in soil and wait for your next crop to grow, a simple way to keep your fridge stocked for free.
Yes, it’s March – time to prise the shed door open, sweep the cobwebs away and reach for your gardening tools. Check out fee for all online forums, or turn to that most trusted of sources for detailed info, fact sheets and more, the BBC.

Listen live on Friday afternoons, catch the Sunday afternoon repeat or checkout the content on the BBC website.
A single human can produce enough urine to fertilise a one metre square patch of soil per day – what are you waiting for! Here are a few of our favorite gardening tips to bring you back to the days when having your own garden truly was "Dirt Cheap"!

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