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Because we certainly don’t recommend using coupons or gift cards until you know her a little better. And it’s not like strolling over to the nearest Redbox is a good idea either—at least for the first few dates if you’ve met her online—because inviting her to your place might send off her internal creep detector. Some of these affordable date ideas came from dates we’ve planned or participated in; others came from the creative minds of our friends. If things go well, you can always shift the date to a restaurant or plan for your next meeting. Pack some lawn chairs or a blanket and a picnic or a bottle of wine and get to know your date in a romantic (and free) setting.

But if you’re not one who’s much for outdoor sports, this might be a fun idea for getting you out of your comfort zone. Granted, if you meet at happy hour on a regular basis, she might figure out your frugal angle, but for a first meeting, it’s a perfectly fine affordable date idea. Seriously, it is a public place, and if she’s nervous about meeting an online date, then her anxiety might be quelled by hanging out in the House of the Lord. We know, you’re judging us for listing it, but we also know some of you have done it.

It seems like a silly question, but we’ve heard girls say they appreciated the thought behind that very question.

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