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How to Change Your Name in Indiana under the State statute 34-28-2 and is valid for any individual seeking to change their name after marriage, after divorce, or for personal reasons. Make your name change public in the State of Indiana by going to a newspaper that runs in the area where you reside and submitting an Indiana Notice of Public Name Change. In Arizona, adults can change their name for a number of reasons: after a marriage, after a divorce or simply for personal reasons. If you want to change your name because of marriage, you should make sure to complete your marriage license and any other forms necessary to finalize the marriage.[1][2] These documents can then be used as proof of your name change for other purposes, such as getting a new Social Security card and driver's license.
If you want to change your name because of divorce, there will be an opportunity to address this during the court proceedings for the divorce.[3] Your divorce decree can then be used as proof of your name change for other purposes, such as getting a new Social Security card and driver's license. The process for changing a name has many steps, requires a number of official documents, and is not the same in all counties in Arizona. If you are applying to change your name and you have a child, the other parent must complete and sign a form consenting to the name change. Your spouse can also sign a form called “Affidavit of Service by Certified Mail” to confirm notice of the name change request via mail. If you do not know where your spouse lives, then you must advertise a “Notice of Hearing” in your local newspaper (and in a newspaper in the last known Arizona county of residence, if this is known and if it differs from the county you currently live in).[28] You must run this advertisement at least once a week for four consecutive weeks before your hearing. If you are not a citizen of the United States, then you must also bring your passport or proof of immigration status.
Go to your local Social Security office and get a new card by showing proof of your legal name change (your court documents), proof of your identity, and proof of U.S.
Take your name change documents, your new social security card, and your current driver's license to the MVD and request a new driver's license with your new name. If you were born in a different state, you will need to contact the Bureau of Vital Records in that state in order to change your name on your birth certificate, as there may be different requirements.
If you only need to change the child's name on her birth certificate, you can so do easily within the first year after the child's birth. You will also need to provide a statement about the reasons why you are requesting the name change. After you have scheduled your hearing, you must fill out the Notice of Hearing Regarding Application for Change of Name form.
You may need to pay for a certified copy of the court order to complete the name change with other agencies. Visit the State Department's website for full information on changing your child's passport.
This letter should confirm the date of your medical procedure and be signed, dated, and notarized.
Gender details do not appear on social security cards, but to change your gender filed with the Social Security Administration, you can show a state-issued amended birth certificate, a physician’s letter certifying clinical treatment, or a ten-year U.S. It is likely that the person processing your application will have to contact a supervisor.
If you are changing your name and gender identification on your US passport, please see the State Department's website for information. Whether you are changing your name due to a recent divorce or marriage, or simply want a new name for personal reasons, the process of changing your name in Michigan is fairly straightforward. The department will compare your fingerprints against its own records and will forward them to the FBI for further examination.
The judge will ask why you want to change your name, and you will have to provide the reasons.
You will be asked to raise your hand and swear you are not changing your name for fraudulent purposes. If just married have your marriage certificate and if just divorced have your divorce decree. Go to your hearing with all the documents you have accumulated through the name change process as well as bring an Indiana Order For Name Change which will be the official form for changing your name at any public or private institution. In Arizona, you have the opportunity to change your name during the normal proceedings of becoming married or getting a divorce, and you may not have to apply separately for a court-ordered name change.

Take your new social security card and your current driver's license to the Motor Vehicle Department. Aside from changing your name because of marriage or divorce, you can change your name for personal reasons, provided you have court approval to do so. Not all forms will be accepted in all Arizona counties, and different counties may require different steps.[10] Check with the court of the county that you live in to verify the steps and forms that are required to legally change your name, or your child’s, or family’s, etc.
If you are also applying to change the name of another person (such as your child), you will need equivalent information on this person. You will need to sign an oath on the “Application for Change of Name” attesting that the information on the document is correct. In some Arizona counties, you will need to supply a Civil Cover Sheet with your “Application for Change of Name” or equivalent document.
If you mail the papers, included a self-addressed stamped envelope so the court can return conformed copies of the “Application for Name Change” to you. You will receive a “Notice of Hearing Regarding Application for Change of Name” from the court you filed your application with.[23] This shows that your application was received, and will provide information about when and where you are to appear in court to have your name change request heard. Depending on the county that you live in, you may need to notify your spouse that you are requesting a name change. Contact your newspaper’s classifieds section for information about how to place a legal notice classified.
To legally change a name in Arizona, you must pay court and document fees associated with the process. If your request to change your name is legally approved, then you must notify all public and private institutions that require your name for business or operations of the fact that your name has changed.
If you are only amending the child's name on a birth certificate, you may not need a court order. For example, if you adopted the child, a name change would clearly be in the child’s best interest as you are making the change to fully incorporate him or her into your family.
You may file the forms at any county courthouse within your county, or any Clerk of the Superior Court’s office.
You must wait at least 4 business days after filing the application before contacting the court to schedule a hearing.
You can find this online from your courthouse website, or get a copy when you pick up your other forms. If you are the child's parent, you must notify the other parent of a prospective name change. Ask the parent to complete the Consent of Parent to Name Change of a Minor Child and Waiver of Notice form and sign it before a notary.[53] You must bring the signed, notarized Consent form to the hearing. This will deliver the form only to the recipient you specify and shows as your proof that you have notified the parent. If the Judge approves your name change petition, you will sign the form in front of him or her. If your child has an Arizona driver license, you must take your child's name change documents, your child's new social security card, and your child's current driver license to the MVD and request a new driver license with your child's new name. The process to amend the name on your child's birth certificate varies depending on how old your child is.
If the child was born in Arizona and adopted in Arizona, the Office of Vital Records will amend the birth certificate within the month after the adoption is finalized. Follow the steps above in the method "Petitioning to Change Your Name for Other Reasons." You will need a copy of the court order approving your name change in order to get your name and gender changed on your birth certificate and your driver's license. You will need to complete an Application for a Social Security Card and include with it proof of your legal name change (the court order of change of name), proof of your identity, and proof of U.S.
Take your name change documents, your new social security card, and your current driver's license to the MVD. There are a lot of fees and forms along the way, but having patience and educating yourself going in can make the process smoother. In Michigan, different rules apply depending on your age and different documents and procedures are required.

A variety of documents must be filed to the proper courts before you can legally change your name.
Before you begin the process of changing your name, you must fill out the name change petition.
Once you have completed the petition, and printed the correct number of copies, you must file the petition to a circuit court in your county. This, alongside your set of fingerprints, will be forwarded to the Michigan Department of State Police. After the name change is accepted by a court, you will need a variety of updated documents. While the process of changing the name of a minor child is fairly similar to changing your name as an adult, certain restrictions apply. After the time, date, and place of the hearing is set notice must be published in the case of a minor child. This will be filled in by the newspaper stating when your ad ran, and more importantly, prove to the Court that you in fact made your name change public.
If you have the correct documentation, they will issue you a new driver's license with your new name.
Contact the relevant offices or agencies for instructions on changing your name in their records.
These include: if you dislike your current name, if you want to change for religious reasons, or if you want to take a partner's name without marrying. Depending on the county you live in, you may also need a separate form requesting a name change for a minor or family.
You will need to include your name and contact details on it.[25] Bring two copies of this form to court with you. After these four weeks, you must obtain and file an “Affidavit of Publication” from the newspaper. If you are changing the child's name for any other reason, including adoption, you must request a court order. On the other hand, a frivolous name change, such as wanting to change your child’s name to “Daenerys Stormborn” or “Coca-Cola,” is unlikely to be demonstrably in the child’s best interest.
You can get the appropriate form from your county courthouse, by visiting in person or by visiting the court’s website.
If you are not using an attorney, you are representing yourself pro se and should give your own name in this space.
Call the Court Administration office at the location where you filed your forms to schedule your hearing. If your child was born in another state or country and adopted in Arizona, the Office of Vital Records will forward a request to amend the birth certificate to the appropriate registration authority.
If you have the correct documentation, they will issue you a new driver's license with your new name and your correct gender assignment. To legally change a name you must complete and submit a number of official documents, and in some cases, appear in court for a hearing. These are all common reasons for electing to change your name, but the court will decide to approve or deny the request. If the request is approved, the court will then complete a form declaring the name change and making it official. Alternately, the child may sign a notarized statement consenting to the change of name.[59] Make sure to bring all the necessary forms to the hearing.

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