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Bear in mind that there is no way to edit or change First Names, or Last Names or Date of birth after you have registered with a particular Email ID.
Please be aware that, at the time of the testing, you are required to carry ID documents such as Passport in Original for verification. I have some of my friends who don't have a Last name, have had serious problems in the US consulate while filling up the DS-160 form. ONE man's obsession with baked beans has seen him legally change his name to Captain Beany and run around in an orange superhero costume. In a statement to the Irish Independent newspaper, the Australian department said it was "aware of and is investigating a migration fraud involving Irish applicants using new passport features to access Australian visas".
There is a fact that once married, many women adopt the husband's name on the back of his name.

Of course, if you make a mistake, you could always register with a new Email ID and New user name. One common problem that is faced by many Indian Applicants is regarding the Multiple first name and the Multiple Last names. If you notice the above picture, it says that "Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)" and the last name is a required field !!
Changing the name signifies readiness and life took a new direction a new identity as a wife, and a mother. There are several reasons why women change their last name to the husband's name and how to change your last name. Also, those having a middle name could just enter the same, provided if the same is present is the ID document.

Also, the ETS registration system, for some strange reason, doesn`t allow you to put "SPACES" in between your multiple first names and Multiple last names. I tried several times but the system would just not accept the space between my first name.

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