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Lisa Allen, according to her file, was thirty-four years old, had started smoking and drinking when she was sixteen, and had struggled with obesity for most of her life.
We are still focusing on how to change your life by changing your habits and your personality.
To post an update simply click on the picture or icon by your name, and your profile would show up, with an update box at the top! Most people tend to rationalize because it is easier to justify mistakes than to use that mistake as a catalyst to start making a change.
Changing habits can be difficult, especially when the habit has been interlinked into much of your life and your thinking. Claim Your 3 FREE Audio Downloads Today!Enter Your Name & Email To Learn How To Effectively Communicate Chiropractic, Lead and Inspiring Morning Huddle and Discover The 8 Rituals of Visionary Leaders!

For the past three years, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, they had poked and prodded Lisa and more than two dozen other former smokers, chronic overeaters, problem drinkers, obsessive shoppers, and people with other destructive habits.
So, if changing their behavior is too hard, they sacrifice their beliefs by lying to themselves about what they know to be true. If you recognize the truth, you will slowly adjust your behavior and life to line up with what you believe to be true, even if it is hard to accomplish at first. That’s alright, it’s better to know the truth of your position than to constantly lie to yourself that it isn’t so bad.
If you are trying to change everything at once you will eventually become too overwhelmed to actually make a change. Over the next six months, she would replace smoking with jogging, and that, in turn, changed how she ate, worked, slept, saved money, scheduled her workdays, planned for the future, and so on.

Remind yourself of the truth about why you’re there in the first place or why fries are bad, and the truth will help to get you into the mindset to make a change. Once your habits line up with your beliefs, you’ll find most aspects of your chiropractic practice and your life a lot easier to manage.

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