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As you know, Facebook is always changing, but at the time this post is being written, if you have fewer than 200 Facebook fans, you can easily change the name of your Facebook Page in the Edit Settings area. However, if you have more than 200 fans, there are a few more steps you need to take in order to change the name of your Facebook Page.
Step 2: When you click edit, you’ll see something that says, “Request Change” as you can see pictured in step #2 above. When you click on request change, the box pictured below pops up and gives you information regarding the guidelines for changing the name of your Page.
Step 3: When you click that little box at the bottom that says, “I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name,” you’ll then go to a page where you’ll enter information about your current Page name and what you want it changed to. From there, there’s a dropdown where you can select an option that indicates why you want to change your Page’s name.
Here’s the bad news: If you’ve done this more than once, you’ll most likely be unable to change the name of your Facebook Page again. Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.
To change your page name, you have to submit a request to Facebook to approve and process the name change. Although Facebook does not disclose how long it will take them to process your request, it took them only a few days to approve our name change (we went from Forge3, Ltd. Once Facebook processes your request, they’ll notify you by email if your name change request has been approved or denied. As I read about Facebook’s name policy and how they are enforcing it in the cases of transgender people, I am imagining what would be happening to me if I had not yet come out as transgender. This Facebook page is the only place I actually feel like I can live my life authentically and without fear. Then, one day, I find my account has been suspended because I am not using my “real” name, the one that is still legally assigned to me. Oh, and while I’m at it, I’d better come out to my family because they will probably notice the legal changes that have been made, especially if I am still claimed as a dependent of my parents. Facebook, in enforcing these policies and freezing and deleting the accounts of transgender people, you are taking so many steps backwards from the day you released new identities for people to use.

NOTE: This also affects ANY person who is using a different name for privacy reasons, safety reasons, keeping work and private lives separate, preferred nicknames, the list goes on.
Before you change your display name, think about how you’d like your name to appear to your Facebook friends in their newsfeeds. If I wanted my name to appear as Diana Freedman Urban, I would add Freedman to the Middle name field, and select “Diana Freedman Urban” from the Display as dropdown menu. If you also changed your email address to reflect your new name, you should update your email address in Facebook. For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a Facebook page that makes money, download the ebook 20 Day Facebook Fix. Nice information and yes near in future and getting married and then i will change my display name now i learn from your post how to change it and will keep in mind this way. Before read your post i was unaware that we can change our name on facebook, it was my misconception that we can set it only for one time and can never change it.
You can’t change the name of your fan page after you create the page, but you can change your name on your profile page!
I got married last Saturday and would really like to change my surname FROM Simpson TO Date. I carry out these steps and it doesn’t work, when I change the name fields to my new name after I got married. Hi, I just tried to change my name on Facebook because of my recent marriage and it won’t go through. If you’ve reached the limit on the number of times you can change your name on Facebook, that is something you would need to reach out to Facebook directly about. When I was younger I had a habit of changing my name a few too many times after my boyfriends last name!
My husband Mel Schrock does not want to be on Facebook anymore and I want to take his place. Or perhaps you want to keep the name of the Page, but noticed you have a typo in the name and because of that need to change it. However, if you’ve never changed your Page’s name, you have a good chance of getting it approved.

I followed the instructions precisely, but when it comes to subnitting the change request to Facebook, it won’t take it. I don’t really want my page name in quotations, but that seems to be what the error message is prompting.
I have created a Facebook account so that I can authentically communicate with those friends without fear of being outed accidentally in a comment or status or having to worry about posting news articles and photos that have to do with the LGBT community. You have a few options; I’ll use my name as an example (Freedman is my maiden name, and Urban is my married name). Whenever someone abruptly changes their name on Facebook, it’s a bit confusing, especially if their Facebook profile picture isn’t a clear closeup. Note that if you have a Facebook fan page for yourself, you will NOT be able to change the name of that page or its vanity URL. Please keep in mind that this article is simply a tutorial on how to change your name on Facebook for those women who have decided to change their names. I have used four different names but all four have been different ways to say my name ie Cazzie Simpson, Carole M Simpdon, Caz Simpson, Caz M Simpson for example. I know this because I tested it and it requires an attached photo copy of ID with the legal name.
I just commented about what I did for name change in the comments way above and as I scroll down, I see you already knew lol. Your page must have fewer than 200 likes, or you have to submit a “one-time only” request to Facebook to approve and process the name change. Fortunately, Facebook makes it much easier to change your name than the Social Security Administration. Not all of your Facebook friends will know your husband’s name, so this way they’ll see the new name after your original name, and will make the connection. Now this year I am engaged and I don’t wanna put his last name now because I want to wait until I’m legally married!

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