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The busier you are, the more benefit you’re likely to get from a healthy, balanced diet – not to mention the weight loss benefits!
To maximise the health and weight loss effects of your diet, make sure you incorporate plenty of complex carbs (such as brown bread and brown rice) for stable blood sugar levels and long-term energy release and eat lots of protein(such as lean meat, eggs, and fish), which helps your body make hormones and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Not only does a balance diet ensure that you’ll feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, this change in attitude and outlook is powerful weight loss motivation. But, when you’re on a weight loss journey, figuring out simple ways to integrate healthy eating into a busy schedule is the only way to succeed.

In fact, striking this balance between healthy food and lifestyle convenience is one of the keys to real life weight loss that works.
Eating well helps lower your stress levels, boosts your energy, improves your sleep patterns, and lessens your chances of getting sick.
Plus, it also reduces the likelihood of binge eating once your schedule calms down in the evening – an important factor in weight loss success.
Once you know what foods to choose and what culprits to look out for, you’ll be eating healthily without losing time, and reaping the benefits in terms of weight loss and beyond.

As a member of my Love Your Weight Loss community, I offer weekly recipes and tips that help keep you on track and achieve your weight loss goals. Try it for freetoday.

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