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It also helps to explain why our science experiment is relevant.You see, Kurt Lewin applied exactly this thinking to his theory of change within social situations - to people.
Discover Your Personality Profiles For Powerful Life Change Oct 26, 15 03:04 PMPersonality profiles are used by top recruiters. Kubler-Ross Five Stages Model Sep 25, 15 06:52 AMUse the Kubler-Ross model to identify reactions to change.
There is plenty of evidence that what we find most stressful as human beings is uncertainty, not change in itself. Our pages on stress management provide more information about understanding stress and stressful life events, but here it is worth repeating that stress is not all in the mind. There is plenty of evidence that we all go through more or less the same process when dealing with change, although particular stages may take rather longer in some cases than others.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross looked at the way people come to terms with the news that they have a terminal illness, and developed a model called the Transition or Change Curve. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Although it may have become rather hackneyed, this is not an unreasonable approach to managing change in your life.
One of the things which those who embrace change generally say that they do is to accept what can’t be changed, and worry only about what they can change themselves.
Before thinking about how you can change the outcome, it is important to think about what your ideal outcome might look like, and how likely that is to happen anyway. You could also think about what opportunities might open up should you be made redundant, such as the chance to set up your own company, or perhaps take some time off work to travel.

Once you have made your final decision about what you can and can’t change, and what you are going to do about it, stick to it. But there are some simple skills that you can develop that will help you to manage change in your own life, whether through work or life events.
Brainstorm or Mind Map the Restraining Forces - those that are unfavourable to, or oppose change. Leadership is dynamic and changing with the leader being the producer and recipient of the changing organizational environment.

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