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Effective change management depends on recognizing complements among technology, practice, and strategy. About the AuthorsErik Brynjolfsson is Douglas Drane Career Development Associate Professor of Information Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
Specifically, the tool helps manage concerns about feasibility (stability of a new system of practices), sequence (which practices to change first), location (greenfield or brown-field sites), pace (fast or slow), and stakeholder interests (sources of value added).

The matrix process has evolved since its inception as a research and consulting project originating in the Leaders for Manufacturing program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The matrix of change was inspired by formal analyses of Milgrom and Roberts and also draws on the established design principles of Hauser and Clausing.6 The implementation steps may already be familiar to anyone acquainted with quality function deployment (QFD) or the house of quality. Typically, this forces them to change their business practices to conform to the software’s requirements. Firm-Level Evidence of the Returns to Information Systems Spending,” Management Science, volume 42, April 1996, pp.

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