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Changing a baby's last name after birth is easiest when both parents agree to the proposed change. In some situations, one parent wishes to change the child's name while the other parent does not.
When a court grants a parent's name change request, the parent must comply with New York's publication requirements. Employer –Make sure to notify the payroll department at your current employer of your name change.
Insurance Companies– Please make sure to contact every insurance carrier and inform them of your change of name.
Utility Companies– Please contact each of your utility companies, including your telephone provider(s), and inform them of your change of name. The parents must visit the courthouse and request a Change of Name application from the court clerk.

Should one parent contest the name change, the parent in favor of the new name must obtain the court's permission before the name change takes effect. The publication requirements serve to inform others about an individual's new name and apply to both adults and children. Department of State Office –  If you have a passport, you will need to change your name with the U.S.
Today, however, parents have the option to break from tradition and give their new baby the mother's maiden name, a hyphenated last name or a combination surname.
The judge assigned to the case reviews the reasoning behind the proposed change and makes a ruling based on what is in the best interests of the child. To meet the proposed requirements, the parent must publish a notice of the name change in the local newspaper. I am condident that I can successfully get my name change accomplished with few if any problems.

Fortunately, if the baby’s new surname doesn't fit, his parents can legally change it. New York law gives parents the right to change a child's last name at any time, provided both parents are in agreement about the change. If the parents reside in New York but the baby was born in another state, they can still legally change the baby's name with a Change of Name application. The parents must provide the court clerk with a certified copy of the baby's original birth certificate, passport or baptismal certificate as proof of the child's current name.

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