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A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change.
As the time to end another year with PLP comes to a close I hope you are seeing yourself as an agent of change. Really, I want to be a positive change agent and I really find your write -up very helpful and insightful . In my observation, many leaders want change and know they need to lead change, but they haven’t been able to actually produce change. Thank you update about agent leader and top essay writing services available for top level students with flexible prices.

I was attempting to be a change agent as a Youth Pastor while seeking to emulate the leadership principles of a president of a major Bible college.
Been reading a great book Leading Change by John Kotter and he digs deep into the details, been a great read. You can strategize and plan, but change at some level involves the risk that it may not work.
Every church and every organization in which you are called to bring change isn’t wired for change.
Not every church, business or non-profit will tolerate change…or at least to the level prescribed by a leader.

But, change, even the hardest kind of change, has to occur if progress towards worthy visions is going to continue to occur.
Action research can help you target what works and guide you in developing a long term plan toward positive change. The sooner you can learn that fact the quicker you can try to be a change agent where change will actually occur.

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