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It's an everyday occurrence at San Jose Catholic School, which also attracts students from Mandarin, San Marco, East Arlington and Baymeadows.
Thomy said that physician Gene Bebeau, who attends San Jose Catholic Church, has practiced meditation for years and presented the idea to the school faculty and principal about three years ago. The aim is to make meditation part of their lives, according to the World Community for Christian Meditation, an international network of Christians who meditate, Thomy said.

Thomy said the network lists the fruits of meditation as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, fidelity, gentleness and self-control. Students in grades pre-K through eighth come to the library twice a week for up to 4 minutes of meditation. While Christian meditation's main focus is on the experience of prayer, she said, it does not replace religious education lessons or other prayer forms.

Back   Photo: 3 of 4  Next Sixth-graders at San Jose Catholic School spend a few minutes meditating after lunch in the school library before their session begins.

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