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It's worth noting that in many of these urban areas people may own a car, but do not use it to get to work since there is good transit available. Now there are many, many problems with transportation in San Francisco that might discourage one from being car-free, but transit coverage is not among them.
Personally, unless I'm schlepping children around, I bike to most places in the city because it's faster than Muni and more pleasant than driving my car. Switchboard is the staff blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the nation’s most effective environmental group. Helsinki, Finland, has been making waves recently in transportation circles after the city announced a plan for a transit system that would make car ownership a thing of the past within the next 10 years.
Over half the population does not own a car, but when you factor in the number of people who own a car but still commute via transit, you get an even better number.

But once you've moved people to that level, it becomes easier to move people to being car free, the loftier goal. Be assured, if you actually live and work in San Francisco, your commute will be under 10 miles and possible by public transit, though it is true for certain directions this may take three times longer than by car. The reasoning is clear: Obviating the need for a private car helps us make better-designed cities and improve mobility.
And then you have people who may live in a walkable, transit accessible area but mostly only use their car for commuting (often because their job is not transit accessible). I am not sure any transit system should expect to cater to people who live 60 miles from where they work, although even this kind of commute is possible in the Bay Area car-free if you live near BART. The Clipper Card has simplified paying for different transit operators in the Bay Area, but each transit agency is still priced separately, and you can only use the card for transit (and for parking in a few places).

In addition to reducing the transportation sector’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Helsinki’s plan also emphasizes the simplicity of living without a car. Both of these paradigms greatly reduce overall car usage since these people don't have to use their car for every last little thing.
It eliminates the cost and hassle involved with personal car maintenance and upkeep, while reducing traffic and congestion — making the city’s streets safer for everyone.

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