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When you had a job, you had to get there at a certain time and work a specified number of hours.
How to Stay Motivated Personal motivation is key to maintaining almost all aspects of life.
Much like most people, I've faced multiple instances where there was nothing keeping me at a job, but bills and responsibilities meant quitting wasn't an option either. One of the best things you'll do for your work life is to relieve yourself of that pressure to find the perfect job. There are plenty of people who don't love their job, but are happy to do for a fulfilling life outside work. In assessing your problems, you need to find someone who will make sure you don't get away with bullshit. Meier, author of Getting Results The Agile Way, advises listing three outcomes you want to achieve for each day, every day.
When you have a regular job, it’s almost easier to keep working because you have a boss to answer to.
Next time you find yourself staring aimlessly at your computer screen, try a quick walk or some pushups to find some motivation.

If you can’t stick to this, you need to get out of the house to work or get it out of the house. If we're not motivated, we're more likely to squander our time and neglect our personal and professional goals. And I really mean five!" Next time you find yourself venting, pay attention to how many times you repeat the same information.
The short answer is that if you're happy after work hours and find joy in other things, you are likely demotivated; but if you are generally negative towards everything, that's a sign of being burnout.
Even light physical exercise can affect our moods, making us feel more active and dynamic. At the end of December the wife and I joined a Gym,great spending time with her and starting to get healthy at the same time. One of the best ways to get results is to stay flexible in your approach, while keeping your eye on the prize. If you start to lose sight of your goals, then you may be less motivated than if you were always checking to see how much closer you are getting throughout the whole process. Keeping track of your goals and checking your progress can help keep you motivated day in and day out.

I have read that you can think yourself out of a cold,just by doing something you have been putting off. Try to avoid these,only worry about what you can physically do something about,and do not put off difficult tasks or awkward conversations.
News Flash: We can change our beliefs, have fun with exercise, and even look forward to finding creative ways to move every day.
What you can do to change: Look for small, doable, and enjoyable opportunities to move in your normal day.
What you can do: You need to become aware of your own daily energy levels and sense of well-being.

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