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The person wants more but trying for what they want is having a negative effect on their self-esteem, confidence, and health. You can also challenge yourself to take on a new project, (plus those that you could never image) will expand your horizon, come to a realization and the exposure to a new experience is widely known to build confidence. Confident personalities are unstoppable when it comes to getting what they want and are oh so desirable in the eyes of others. There will always be a time where you feel low but by reminding yourself that it’s a phase that will pass by. For one of the few times on the record, we see vocalist Stephan Jenkins in a position of power over his lover, as he kills her confidence and becomes the dominant force in the relationship.
Simply put it means that you believe in yourself though sadly there are many of us who lack it.

For some it could be hands-on like sports or engineering, others may excel in the arts and for some the hard sciences could be your passion. You’ll be capable of moving on – it’s the power of positive attitude and pro-activeness that reflects in your confidence. From the lyrics and mood of the music to taking care of your health (sleep, eat, and exercise) to surrounding yourself with happy and supporting people. Act as how a confident person will, look, talk and behave, with a special touch of enthusiams.
This is simply out of your control, though you can control one thing and that how you handle others opinions about you.
However, by doing so this actually hurt us, it’s the difference between making your day or week and in the long run it takes a toll on our overall standard of living.

Whatever it is, you will be good at something which plays an important role on your confidence. Every time you catch yourself putting your self down replace them with your positive talk – “I’m gonna get in there and do it’.

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