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Take that list of your major expenses you created in Step 1 and list them for one month. Create one column and put your rows of expenses near the bottom half of the page. Affiliate Disclaimer: My Money Design may be compensated for our personal opinions, reviews, and affiliate relationships with some of the featured products and services. The 10% number is Biblical in origin (an “overheard in synagogue,” if you will), but I don’t give this money away for religious reasons.
I give almost half my disposable income to charity, but my disposable income is only 5% of my total budget. I wish the world were a certain way—respectful of the environment, for example, and free from poverty—and it only seems fair that I put my money where my values are. It makes me feel terrible to blithely walk by, but, frankly, I don’t like the idea of giving out money to strangers.
We don’t even have extra money each month for gifts and extra shopping or yoga or any of that.

If it’s not a relatively large or reoccurring amount of money, don’t feel the need to complicate things and make it into its own category.
I just joined this year, but I feel good knowing that some of my income every month goes where it’s really needed. If you can set aside the money you spend to buy starbucks 5x a week, you can use that money to help feed 125 people at a food bank, etc etc. Eventually when we make more money I would love to give to charity and I really am happy that you are able to do such things for others.
That will not only make it easier to keep track of, but it will also give you a better idea of what you’re spending overall month to month. I give the biggest percentage of my money to organizations that help the homeless or help prevent the cycle of poverty before it starts, like City Harvest and Modest Needs.
And giving feels good because sometimes we spend money and do not even remember later why we spend it and giving to the needy goes a long way.

I understand poverty, I really do, but I also know that the poorest among us don’t necessarily make the best choices with money either. Knowing this “overall number” will be important when we try to make adjustments to your budget later on.
If you have money problems the best time to give is now!!!  I once found $700 cash on the floor, another time I won $1500 on the radio, it all comes from giving.

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