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BUDDHISM, as recognized by its million followers in the eastern and western world, is both a religion and a philosophy. Buddha, the enlightened one, is primarily referred to Siddhartha Sakyamuni Gautama, the historical founder of Buddhism.
Most traditional Buddhist practices common in the West seem to address the problem of samsara in a very general way.
Various cultural programs like Templestay are being promoted to introduce different kinds of Buddhism practices such as Yebul , a ceremonial service involving chanting, Chamseon …zen meditation…and Dahdoh , tea ceremonies, to tourists. A list of the basic Buddhism Practices, also with helpful resources, guides, and tips for success. Dec 10, 2004 Guide to Buddhist practices, including meditation, mindfulness, mudras, mantras, veneration of Buddhas, pilgrimages, and more. After some Buddhist studies, one will find that the difference between Theravada and Mahayana on this issue is lesser than first thought: Even Mahayana deny the existence of an eternal and almighty Creator (while accepting Buddha Nature or Emptiness as the one underlying reality of all), and even Theravada admit the existence of mortal and limited divine beings (although of lesser consequence in Theravada than in Mahayana).

Learn more about Buddhism from teachers, readings and websites like Buddhanet which is a very good resource.
Most Buddhists practitioners are aware of the Noble Eightfold Path (Understanding, Intention, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration).
Meditation is a vitally important part of Buddhist practice, just as exercise is vitally important to our health. Born Joshua Hudson, Reverend Sumitta (his ordained name) finished a twenty-year career as a military photo-journalist, and became a Licensed Social Worker with continuing studies in Mental Health, Healthcare Advocate, and Buddhist Minister. From what I’ve seen in Asian countries where Theravada is practiced, the first step taught to children is generosity (dana).
See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Buddhism Practices. Anyhow: Both according to Theravada and Mahayana the divine beings need Buddhism in order to be liberated and Awakened.

While these precepts can be developed to more nuanced and deeper meanings, the new Buddhist practitioner can use these definitions as a good “first step” on the path.
Our conduct affects the mind, the mind affects our understanding, our understanding overcomes doubt, our confidence in the dhamma creates wisdom, our wisdom creates deeper practice, our deeper practice reveals the dhamma’s truth. Hindus consider Her one of the Mahavidyas, or Great Wisdom Goddesses—a role she carries on in Buddhism.
The Buddha even emphasizes the purification of conduct (sila-visuddhi) to be the first step for practitioners. If you are looking for the first steps to take on the Buddhist path, start with a serious practice of the five precepts first.

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