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Hollywood icon, street fighter, and philosopher, Chinese-American great Bruce Lee’s famed flexibility and speed extended beyond the physical realm into the metaphysical. Lee liked to tell people that he’d studied philosophy at the university level, when he was actually a drama geek instead. This interview presents Lee philosophizing at his best, just inscrutable enough for television audiences.

Lee’s life was more like water flowing uphill: moving from the San Francisco of his birth to Hong Kong just months before it was invaded by Japan, getting thrown out of school for street fighting, picking one feud too many against the son of an organized crime figure, and (related) suddenly finding it expedient to move back to America. THE BEST OF RACISM: Teammate of Kansas City Royals' Bruce Chen Makes "Slanted Eyes" Gesture During TV Interview. Sir Patchy Beard on Tumblr has immortalized it for our enjoyment in two GIFs a way that beautifully demonstrate some of that fluidity that Lee was talking about.

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