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Short scripts can become mantras, or words to be repeated again and again, slowly and calmly. These scripts can be adapted to fit your own personality, using language you find comfortable.
Meditation techniques vary from person to person, but using a guided script for meditation can help demystify the practice and also ease you into regularity. Practicing meditation for even just a few minutes a day can help with mental clarity, bringing about a feeling of calmness and centeredness.
The free guided imagery scripts provided here allow you to relax and make positive changes. Try out visualization scripts such as Beach Visualization Relaxation, Forest Visualization Relaxation, Calming Color Relaxation Visualization, Floating on a Cloud, Peaceful Meadow, and more. Includes relaxation scripts for dealing with panic attacks, relieving anxiety, and coping with anxiety, panic, and stress.

These natural sleep aids include sleep relaxation and sleep countdown scripts that guide you to quiet the mind and relax the body, then drift off into deep sleep.
The words will help you remain focused during meditation, so you can aim to stay in the present moment to bring about greater awareness and full consciousness. You can choose any induction, body, and conclusion from the list below, or adapt existing relaxation scripts by replacing parts of the script with different induction or conclusion portions to meet your needs. You can make each script yours by adapting the language to suit your style and personality. Achieve the results they were easy procedure of meditation running with the Mind of Meditation. These relaxation scripts for children can be used to guide children or adults to relax using quick and easy relaxation techniques. Free relaxation scripts such as Passive Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise, Stretch and Relax, and a Relaxing Walk.

These guided meditation scripts include Self-Esteem Relaxation, Healing Relaxation, Anchoring Relaxation, Relaxation for Pain Relief, Beginner's Breathing Meditation, and more.
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