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Type “brain training” into the App Store and you find more than 1,500 results, from apps challenging your brain with scientific games to those tackling specific aspects of your cognition like language or math.
Peak mimics the way fitness apps let you set daily goals and has daily workouts for your gray matter, focusing on games to improve language skills, mental agility, problem solving, focus and memory. Having tried a number of brain training apps over the year, I was impressed with graphs in Peak that let you see your performance over time.
You can create an account and start training with Fit Brains for free, but to unlock all the games, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The free version of BrainHQ comes with 4 brain-training exercises, 5 courses and challenges. Thankfully, there are no shortage of apps available that offer daily exercises designed as games, so its never been easier to find the program that feels right for you. After a short opening test, the app will serve up your choice of 3, 5 or 7 training sessions a week, tailored to your goals. Use it or lose it, they say – those with the best brains as older adults are those who take the time to engage their mental muscle regularly whether through crossword puzzles, Sudoku or through specially designed brain-training smartphone apps.
How much time you spend will depend on how much improvement you want to see, but the average person should make brain training a daily habit of 15 to 20 minutes.
Pro members can also choose to play Elevate games whenever they want through the app, rather than wait for daily sessions.
It is much better than those games you play just to play, because you actually get something out of this app.

I mainly enjoy it because it is supposed to help me better my brain, and I feel like it really is helping me. The app also asks users to state their profession and due to popular demand, you can compare your mental abilities with others in the same line of work. Brain Workshop is what's called a dual N-back game, a type of memory game that recent studies suggest can improve short term memory and fluid intelligence. The Lumosity website and app features a series of online games that have been specifically designed to boost your brain muscles, improving memory, speed, problem solving, attention and flexibility—core cognitive abilities that Lumosity says will help you with practical problems like remembering names and even driving better. Majid Fotuhi , a neurologist who chairs the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness. Free brain-training app Elevate, an Apple App Store Editors’ Choice, aims to help you improve your processing, memory, brevity, processing and more through simple-but-mentally stimulating games. Lumosity personalizes your training program based on how you're performing and what you want to improve and gives you a daily routine of different brain games to help improve performance in your target areas. The app syncs with your phone or tablet meaning that you don’t need an internet connection to view the saved articles. Like Lumosity, Fit Brains aims to improve your mental performance by running you through a series of brain games that are selected to help you improve areas you're weaker in.
However, unlike Lumosity, Fit Brains feels a lot more like a video game, which may be just what you need to stay motivated and on track. Just spending 15 minutes a day will not only help you relax and destress, but also improve your brain's health by decreasing brain excitement.

If this is a problem for you too, check out BrainHQ, a new app available from Posit Science.
It offers a series of training exercises to work out your eye for detail, your ability to process visual scenes and, yes, your skill in matching people’s names to faces and biographical details. Fotuhi recommends looking for a program that you enjoy, works your memory, provides plenty of variety to stimulate your brain and is challenging enough to work your mental muscles. The subscription version, which runs $14 per month or $96 per year, offers a far more expanded range of 29 exercises and 16 courses.
So if you want to help your brain, be sure you're not playing brain training games on the couch: whatever your favorite physical activity is, make sure you're doing something to work up a sweat regularly. Though it doesn't offer a variety of games or a personalized program like Lumosity and Fit Brains, this open source application is entirely free for Macs and Windows PCs.
With over 35 million users, who range from the ages of 8 and 108, Lumosity is definitely a popular choice in the brain training field. And as you play Fit Brains games, they'll become more difficult, so you're always getting a challenging brain workout. Fotuhi tells us, "these games are helpful, but they're only a part of what you need to do in order to have a stronger brain.

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