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One day even the most self-protective ones will look into the mirror I provide and not be afraid. Decrease caffeine as it exacerbates anxiety and can create disturbances in your sleep patterns.
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This can simply be sitting and observing your thoughts with a compassionate, non-judgmental attitude. If you have trouble falling asleep due to racing thoughts, write them down, thank your mind for reminding you about it, and tell your brain that you will address it tomorrow.
Over-thinking about the day, being alone with your thoughts, and dreading another sleepless night or morning of grogginess all adds to the mix.
Make sure your bedroom is quiet and your comforters are comfy to help you feel relaxed when you climb into bed.

Even if you do not think caffeine affects you, it may be disrupting and changing the quality of your sleep.
In my experience, when I have had even the slightest lack of sleep or had so called non-restorative sleep, for days or weeks, it feels like all your emotional barriers are non-existent..

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