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You probably know how much I absolutely ADORE books, so these book cases, which were custom made for my apartment in NYC are my pride and joy… and had become an eye sore. The more I get the more got crammed on the bookshelf, where they sat there collecting dust. See you next week… and please, let me know if you decide to start decluttering as well!
Have you ever seen those bookcases where people have sorted their books by colour – it looks so beautiful (but i know hubby would never maintain it LOL). Oh we have a huge collection of kids non fiction books – i look for them second hand al the time as i prefer the kids to read those before they hit google for info since they spend enough time on computers etc. In the meantime I have a limited amount of bookshelves, so I visit my local library every week or so to keep new reading material coming into the house without the storage problem.
I’m so excited about this book because, after the last year of decluttering myself (to get ready for a move), I know first-hand how daunting the process can be. I began working every day for 10 minutes on decluttering and organizing a space — a cabinet, a couple of drawers, a few shelves, a section of my closet. If you are saving for something (and who of us does not at least have a holiday in sight at some point) view your book collection as a financial resource. If you have accumulated quite a collection of unread books it is time to stop bringing in more books and start reading what you have. Mine have their favourites too and i am trying to use the library more than buying (kids books are a weakness for me too) – the pulling out what has not been read yet method works great with kids books. I love books, especially art and travels books, oh and recipe books, and really good crime fiction books! I think my first tip to declutter is to give back the books I have stolen from friends and family.

I have at least 5 bookshelves crammed full of books and have been telling my husband for years that I would et rid of some. Once you create a daily decluttering habit, it becomes second nature, and before you know it your house is streamlined and organized with your most essential, meaningful items. We cover all of that in the book, and even offer a detailed supply list with linksĀ if you want to get certain products.
This area, while it does hold books, also had been holding every small little thing that didn’t have a place.
I was able to give all three teachers she’s had so far a big stack of books for their classrooms.
I have got more serious about my book collection decluttering efforts in the last 12 months and thought I would share a few tips to help those of you who, like me, still cling to traditional paper reading materials even when you own a device filed with digital books and magazines. Just today we were happy to see a little girl reading our old books at our local doctor when we went in for an appointment. Consider buying only those books you anticipate loving enough to re-read and rely on the library for things like cookbooks, chick lit, a crime novel etc. Even if you continue to buy books (I will until the day I die) consider going digital for at least some books. There are tons of craft tutorials online using book pages in everything from wreaths to art journal pages to jewellery. Those sorts of books I am keen to keep as I can’t wait to share them with the boys when they are old enough.
Often they can’t see the forest for the trees and a basket with unread books can lead to exploring new ones. We also teach you how to create the habit of decluttering so it is an automatic part of your day.

You can check their value online (one site is book scouter) or simply bring in a bag full of books to a bricks and mortar local shop and support them while bringing in some cash for yourself.
Even without a separate reading device, like a Kindle or Nook, you can take advantage of digital books.
You can use stamp punches to cut out shapes from book pages to use in crafting and scrapbooking or reuse illustrations from children’s books that might not be fit for passing on to others. BUT we have a couple of old daggy reference books that came in very handy for my teen’s homework last week. The biggest problem is that I have worked in the book industry my entire working life and so have very easy access to lots of books and continue to bring more and more home! If you want to free up space in your home you can copy the recipes you love or want to try and recycle the actual books (sell, give away or donate).
You can even set yourself a target for the end of the year and reassess if you will actually read the remaining books then.
Kindle even have a free app that means you can read books on your home computer, your ipod, your ipad or your smart phone. I am definitely thinking though I need to think about selling some on eBay or at the second hand bookshop.

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