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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from my friend and fellow simplicity-seeker, Kelly Exeter of A Life Less Frantic. All that stuff is complicating your life by cluttering not just your physical space, but your mental space, too. Life becomes a lot simpler when we choose to focus on the relationships that are good for our souls. And every one of us (no matter our situation) has something abundant in our life worthy of celebration right now. It’s these moments that give us the truest taste of what life can feel like when we keep things simple.
GIVEAWAY TIME: Kelly has FIVE copies of her new book Your Best Year Yet to give away to readers of Slow Your Home. It is so refreshing to distill the complicated shoulds and should nots of life into a short manifesto!

I love the effect this has on my day – once I remind myself that I choose for my life to be this way and I am grateful for the opportunity to be present with my children all of the time, my mood instantly improves. Less stress, by choosing the lightness in life over anxiety and anger, cutting ourselves some slack and realising the world doesn’t revolve around ME, whether I say yes or no. I called it A Manifesto for a Simple Life, and it helped clarify a (clearly) deep-seated craving I had: the need to distil my complicated life down to only what was necessary. And happily, since I’ve been able to overcome it, I can assure you that not doing that anymore has made life a LOT simpler.
It’s a simple truth of the universe that we get back what we put out, and love conquers all. It might be two minutes in the toilet (with the door locked so the kids can’t get in!) It might be that one minute a night between putting down the book you’re reading … and falling asleep. After many years on the hamster wheel she’s finally figured out how to live A Life Less Frantic®.

They’re an ongoing reminder that while we may live in a complicated world, life itself can be simple if we let it. She shares the 7 simple shifts in thinking that got her there in her book Your Best Year Ever (which is currently 99c on Amazon so … get on it!). It’s a lovely way to remind ourselves of all the good things in our life right here, right now.

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