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At Focus on the Family, our team sees the impact every day of hurting, broken and ill-prepared families.
Generate excitement for The Family Project at your church with exclusive promotional videos that can be used in your worship services. Compliment The Family Project small-group curriculum with biblical sermons about the importance of family.
We’ve compiled the best ministry practices for launching a small group and running a church-wide campaign into one handy guide. Many people who go through The Family Project ask for companion resources that will help them strengthen their families. Why Family Matters will help you understand how modern sociological research supports the ancient institutions of marriage and family.
Irreplaceable is the first in a series of feature-length documentaries that will approach the concept of the family from a number of different angles.

We believe the only way to move forward is through a concerted effort by God’s people to understand and demonstrate, for all to see, just how vital families are to stable, thriving communities. We must show how God’s design for families is the key to understanding significance, belonging and, ultimately, eternity with Him. These vision casting pieces are taken right from The Family Project DVD small group curriculum and are designed to create excitement and promote participation in the small group curriculum. These sermon outlines (12) include corresponding video illustrations and are based on actual themes and topics from each session of the curriculum. Focus on the Family has several associated resources you can sample and recommend to the families in your church. We hope you’ll read this book together with your church staff as you prepare for launching The Family Project in your small groups. This promise was created to inspire and encourage men and women at all stages of life to have a thriving family for three generations.

The goal of each documentary is to recover, renew and reclaim the cultural conversation about the family. These findings discussed in this short book will inspire you and encourage others to champion the family as God intended it to be. Unfortunately, the word “family” has all but lost its meaning in our modern cultural landscape. These outlines & video clips are designed to strengthen families whether they are familiar with The Family Project or not.
Our attempts to redefine and reimagine the family only make these problems worse, not better.

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