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Sensors are attached to your body and the biofeedback therapist watches closely the responses you have. Biofeedback has been around and used in a variety of different modalities for thousands of years.  In a basic consideration, yoga can be considered an early technique where experienced practitioners have been able to control some physiological processes through breathing.
Extensive research has shown that what were thought to be "involuntary" psychophysiological states, such as blood pressure, body temperature, etc., are in fact controllable through the use of biofeedback.
Sessions increase relaxation and most patients find at the end of a biofeedback therapy they feel better physically and mentally than when they arrived.  Biofeedback therapy in New York City is widely used by individuals of all backgrounds for any number of mental or physical health considerations.

In 1969, the Biofeedback Research Society was born and studies began in earnest as to the effectiveness of biofeedback for anxiety, stress, relaxation, and other biological functions. Researchers believe that biofeedback works on individuals with migraines by working with the body’s vascular system to regulate blood flow and body temperature.  Biofeedback therapy can help you learn how to effectively manage migraines, reduce the occurrence and the severity. It is a process that encourages patients to use their minds to improve performance and health.  In essence, biofeedback is about training your mid to change the body’s response and heal itself, relieve pain, and sooth stressors of the day. It is a process that is learned during sessions of biofeedback therapy.  Just like anything else, the more that it is practiced and the more therapy sessions that are completed, the easier and quicker it is to receive the healing benefits.

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