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One of the biggest questions I get about this is what is the best way to keep track of the challenges, your infractions and your data.  So, I paired up with Kim from Seven Thirty Three to create the perfect printable to help you out! Research shows that organized weight loss groups have a higher rate of success than individuals when attempting to lose weight do. People who are already at a healthy weight should not take part in a Biggest Loser contest. All that money goes into a pot and is distributed to the winner(s) at the end of the challenge. The whole idea is to really help you start to establish healthier lifestyle habits over the course of the five weeks along with losing some weight in the process.

Each week, as a participant, you give your % of weight lost and the number of infractions you have to the organizer. Also, choose a designated support person who is not participating in the contest to perform the weigh-ins and record the results. You will offer emotional support to one another as well as teaching one another new weight loss strategies.
Consider challenging people in your neighborhood, family, school, house of worship or social media community to take part in a weight loss challenge.
Your weight loss challenge will be visible to the Biggest Loser community, which will reinforce your weight loss commitment.

Weigh-in day is the same day each week and is done as the first thing you do when you wake up to make sure you capture your true weight.
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