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Following two decades of business in the Nob Hill hotel, San Francisco vegan pioneer Millennium will shut down at this spring.
San Francisco vegan restaurant Millennium to closeSan Francisco vegan restaurant Millennium is closing.
The restaurant announced the closure today by penning the following goodbye note, which actually explains the situation pretty thoroughly.
After 20+ years Larry and Ann Wheat, the principal owners of Millennium, have decided to retire from the restaurant business after Millennium closes on or about May 1, 2015. Eric Tucker, Millennium’s executive chef since inception and co-owner of Millennium, will be opening a restaurant with Millennium’s General Manager Alison Bagby.
The cost of running a restaurant in San Francisco, using the best ingredients possible and making the entire menu from scratch daily, combined with our shared affinity for the East Bay have us leaning in that direction but we are also actively looking in San Francisco. About Inside Scoop Inside Scoop SF is a one-stop source for the latest restaurant coverage in the Bay Area and beyond, by the San Francisco Chronicle staff. Gracias Madre (2211 Mission St.)Mexican food can be challenging for a vegetarian, not to mention a vegan, but Gracias Madre is here to help. The Mission restaurant offers all vegan dishes, using regional Mexican recipes and local, seasonal produce.
We are so grateful to our co-workers, family, farmers & friends who have made the experience of running this restaurant unforgettable.
Both are great places for a vegetarian, vegan and omnivore to enjoy a good meal in harmony.
Vegetarianism is nothing new, but the meat-free trend seems to be growing every year throughout the restaurant industry.

Visit this veggie restaurant at O’Farrell and Leavenworth has decent prices and good food, although locals complain about the less-than-spectacular neighborhood and slow service. Also of note: longtime chef-partner Eric Tucker — who mentored many vegetable loving chefs in the Bay Area, including Sean Baker — is also teasing a future Bay Area restaurant of his own. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an estimated 12 million Americans are vegetarian.
HerbivoreOpen daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Herbivore is a vegan restaurant with an international menu. They will be doing an extensive renovation and we have been notified that they do not wish to continue to have a restaurant as part of their hotel.
They have made a significant contribution to the success of Millennium and consider it their contribution to the vegetarian movement. Greens (Building A Fort Mason Center)For a true San Francisco institution dedicated to vegetarian cuisine, look no further than the legendary Greens, overlooking the Bay in historic Fort Mason. It was opened in 1979 by the San Francisco Zen Center and has been making vegetarians (and the diners who love them) happy ever since. Locals like Fort Mason vegetarian restaurant, Greens, because of the brunch menu and the great view. To keep with the raw theme of the dishes, most aren't heated beyond 118 degrees, and the restaurant serves no meat or animal products, including dairy or honey. Kin Khao (55 Cyril Magnin St.)Thai is often a safe bet for vegetarians and vegans, and Kin Khao is a more stylish and truly authentic place to try than your usual Thai joint.
Owner Pim Techamuanvivit is well know for her food blog, Chez Pim, and her new restaurant features many dishes rarely found outside Thailand, in a fun atmosphere with cocktails and a wine list well-designed to pair with the bright flavors on the menu.

For lunch, try the charbroiled portabello mushroom sandwich served with grilled tomatoes, zucchini, red onions and garlic on French bread, or the sweet-and-sour or coconut noodle soup.
The food is entirely meat-free, so vegetarians can order with abandon, and vegans will also find plenty to love. Eco-friendly and sustainability-conscious San Francisco has blazed the trail for vegetarian and vegan restaurants throughout the city. Opened in 2004, the sophisticated restaurant serves up several house specialties, including open-faced avocado peppercress sandwiches, sun-dried tomato shiitake mushroom tortes and candy cap mushroom cheesecake. Their chefs have produced some of the most respected vegetarian cookbooks in publication, the views are spectacular and the service is refined. While visiting the Golden Gate city, make sure to book a Car rental so you can get from easily get from the Car Hire San Francisco Airport to your restaurant of choice. This casual and moderately priced restaurant also offers vegetarian desserts, including vegan mocha chocolate cake.
Fortunately, this is San Francisco, a city full of places that celebrate vegetables as much as meat on the plate.
It is more of a vegetarian restaurant, more than a vegan one, because many menu items contain milk and dairy. Their sformato is always vegetarian and the raviolo di ricotta with an egg inside is another winner.

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