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Last year we brought you the official Top 100 Personal Development Blogs of 2013 and now it’s time to repeat the process and bring you the best blogs for 2014! Being a student of the personal development industry most of my life, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest resources to not only implement into my own life but to also share with those around me. What I have provided is a list of personal development blogs that rank from the ‘biggest’ with the most traffic to the ‘smallest’. Firstly, I have used the Alexa rank of the website as the primary ranking method. Alexa provides a relative ranking of each website based on the number of visitors it receives. This list will provide you a clear indicator of how large a website is and its relative importance.
There are sites still in this Top 100 that do have multiple authors, however the key difference is that in the Top 100 list the blog owner is still the main, active contributor to the website and they are the primary person that you will be learning from.
With the millions and millions of websites on the internet, such a ranking is classified as pretty good!

Along with the template design selection, you also need to be careful about the development of the webpage as well as the optimization of the webpage. If you want to make your website a success, you need to select a design that is in sync with the theme of your business. Today I hope to change that by sharing with you 22 of the killer personal development resources you’re missing out on.
Since I’ve been running my own business I’ve fallen more and more into the well of personal development and self-improvement and I absolutely love it! The list of the best self-improvement blogs have been put together for you to browse through and find the two or three blogs out there that really resonate with you. We all have different goals and life experiences and we are also currently experiencing a range of different situations or circumstances in life.
This is the most comprehensive list of personal development blogs currently on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! Therefore, if you want to get the best value for your money, it will be ideal for you to know about the different types of software available in the market and find which one is the best for your website.

That aside, his website is a fantastic resource as well with good ideas, so be sure to check it out also.
I could not believe the tremendous response and overall service I received each and every day.If you want professional website design at a very, very fair price, then there is no where else to turn in my opinion then to Templates Garden. This professional blogger’s website now brings in over 40k per month from his website, last I checked!  He is very autonomous in his thinking, and says what he thinks. When you are making a contract with any website developer, it is important for you to make the contract carefully after learning about the fees that he will charge for the work. Many of you may consider that selecting any of the ecommerce website templates will serve the purpose.

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