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Getting Things Done (GTD) is actually two things: A productivity method, and a best-selling book by author and productivity consultant David Allen.
Put simply, GTD is a method for organizing your to-dos, priorities, and your schedule in a way that makes them all manageable. You might think that David Allen himself uses some expensive planner, or a plethora of to-do apps to do what he does. If you like the paper approach too, the previously mentioned Bullet Journal system is very GTD-friendly, in that it encourages you to spend time reviewing and prioritiing your to-dos, and it makes it easy to add new to-dos to your list. You don't have to use multipurpose apps like Evernote or OneNote for GTD if you don't want to. Remember, the goal of GTD is to spend a little time organizing to get a big payoff of time you would have spent on unnecessary, unproductive work.
A set of paper organizer refills with careful attention to detail to fill every niche and need.

One of GTD's biggest benefits is that it makes it easy to see what you have on your plate and choose what to work on next.
At its core, GTD gives you a way to get everything you need to remember out of your head and into a system that can remember them for you, organize them, and break them down into pieces you can work with. You likely already have a favorite to-do list app, journal, and planner that you use to stay organized. Evernote is a popular choice, and we've mentioned how to make it GTD-friendly in the past, along with some templates to get you started.
Put it in a pen-and-paper notebook, a to-do app, a planner, whatever you prefer to use to get organized.
There are lots of productivity systems and methods out there, and while some people worship GTD like the Bible, it's just one very popular system of many.
GTD doesn't say to use a specific tool, but whatever you use has to fit into your normal flow.

The best way to use it is to massage it into a system that works best for your needs, not to strictly adhere to all its rules.
If you're a student, this college-friendly workflow may appeal to you because it deals in both time-sensitive (assignments, papers, exams) and context-specitic (studying, organizing notes, research) items. In this post, we'll walk you through the basic tenets of GTD from a beginner's perspective, and offer some tips to help you apply a simplified, more accessible form to your hectic schedule and overflowing to-do list.

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