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How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident - Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy by Maddy Malhotra is a practical approach to the typical self-help book. Dealing with self esteem (limiting self beliefs) issues is certainly a key to a better, richer, self-loving and peaceful life experience.This book has totally captured the `key elements' required to live a fulfilled and happy life. So, you want to know how to more confident… I have some bad news for you, confidence is not something that is simply learned, instead, confidence is something that is worked on. By simply looking at the definition of confidence, we see that how confident you are is determined by you. Self-efficacy: Self-efficacy is a internal sense, or belief that we can accomplish a variety of tasks or goals. Additionally, confidence shouldn’t be confused with self-esteem because they are not the same thing.
As you can see from the examples above, low self confidence is often self destructive and can be seen negatively.
If you have low self confidence, you’ll often avoid taking risks and stretching yourself, often not trying anything new at all.
Building the right amount of self confidence comes from being founded in reality and on your true ability.
However, if you really want to build your confidence, you’re going to need to work on it.
When building your confidence, it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
By working on your confidence, you’re making a commitment to yourself to better your life.
Whatever the case may be, write down WHY you want to build your confidence and review this everyday. When your self confidence is low in specific areas, it’s important to set small goals in what you want to achieve. Your job is to prepare for even little unknown situations that may come up as best as you can. Learning and researching can help us feel more confident about our ability to handle tough situations, roles, and tasks.
Positive thinking is a very powerful way to increase confidence… However, you need to be realistic at the same time. Here are the basic rules of positive thinking to increase your confidence: highlight your strengths and successes and learn from your weaknesses and mistakes.
Talking to and being around others who are confident will usually help you to feel more confident as well.
Additionally, once you become confident in a area of your life, help those who are struggling with what you had struggled with. Much like we take time to learn in order to build confidence, we also need to start applying what we have learned in order to gain confidence. As you’re building confidence, you will become successful, make sure to avoid feeling superior to others. In How To Be More Confident, we covered exact steps that will help you to build your self confidence in any situation of your life.
While there are 30 Self Confidence Boosters here, it doesn’t mean this is all you can do to quickly boost your self confidence. As you learn how to be more confident, you may need a quick and simple guide to help you solve any confidence issues. Figure out what makes you feel insecure, embarrassed, or what is keeping you from feeling happy and confident about your situation. Clarify and live consistently with your values to become the very best person you could possibly be.
How to face your fears in a step by step manner so that you can systematically increase your confidence and expand your comfort zone while maintaining peace of mind.
This entry was posted in Building Self Confidence and tagged confidence, confidence boosters, how to be confident, how to be more confident, how to build self confidence, how to gain confidence, self confidence by Julio Diaz. This book will absolutely help you to change that pessimistic notion into a life-changing one.

I like how the book is structured taking the readers on step by step basis - from initially recognizing important facts to getting specific about problems they may be having. To be confident you need a mixture of positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge, taking care of yourself, and talking to other people in order to improve or boost your self confidence. Check out the following comparisons between what a confident individual would do and what a person with low self confidence would do. On the other hand, those with confidence are generally more positive because they believe in themselves and their abilities.
Unfortunately, life is challenging and you building on your self confidence may result in some set backs.
By setting small goals and achieving them, you set yourself up to continually build on your confidence.
Some people feel like they lack self confidence because they don’t know what to expect or what to do. By learning and gaining more knowledge you’ll start to feel more confident about the situations, roles, or tasks that you need to do.
However, after a few months of training they’ll feel much more confident in being able to do the job.
When receiving criticism, don’t reply defensively or allow it to lower your self esteem. Here are additional Self Confidence Boosters5 that will further boost your confidence levels through the roof! Empower Yourself with Knowledge: Your self confidence relies on what you know about a given situation.
Fake It!: This will not help long term but it is a good start to help you build your self confidence. This book offers golden nuggets of wisdom and encouragement in an easy-to-understand fashion.To conquer low self-esteem, you must understand, accept, acknowledge, and find an alternative perspective of happiness.
It will show you how to eliminate `stinking thinking' and the nasty inner-critic that inevitably tries to flatten your self-esteem and confidence.Even a confident person will learn and benefit from this book.
Reading the book is one thing, but the true benefit from this book is in the actual application in real life. Confidence is used to describe how we feel about our ability to perform roles, functions and tasks.
As we only focus on these past failures, we begin to lower our confidence and our self esteem. And one day they’ll get to the point of being able to train others who may also be feeling less confident when they start. By having these negative thoughts, you damage your confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. To talk to those who have successfully gone through situations where you’re lacking confidence.
Dress in something that you’re comfortable in in order to increase your self confidence.
Developing self confidence is about taking action, making mistakes, having successes, and continuing to improve. Focusing on possible solutions instead of problems is one of the best things you can do for your confidence and career!
With a smile you’ll increase your confidence, feel happier, and will even positively effect those around you. People like these can effect your self esteem, your self image, and your confidence just from being around them. With its assistance, you can train your mind to rid yourself of past stressors, to formulate fresh ideas about your goals, and to reach toward a renewed sense of self.
This Inspirational book can help you to: Be Positive, Believe in Yourself and Achieve Peak Performance.
What I like most are the exercises at the end of each chapter which is an added perk that you get in this book unlike many self help books out there.
Firstly, the book defines Self-beliefs (self esteem) and its effect on each area of our lives, then helps us banish the ones which prevent the development of self-worth and finally, enables us to view ourselves in a more positive way.

Self-esteem on the other hand is about how we feel about ourselves, the way we look, the way we think, and whether or not we feel worthy or valued. Then take on the next few steps in building your confidence to know what to do to improve them. This will allow you to learn to be more confident about the task you have at hand and their confidence will begin to rub off on you as well. Best of all, you don’t need to exercise for an hour to get the benefits of exercising.
So, to increase your confidence, make sure you become knowledgeable about what you need to know. The questions in the book really did make me think about how I handle some situations in my life. Whatever the case may be, don’t let your self confidence suffer because of a set back. And here’s the best part, you can just take small steps every day to become more competent. When you accomplish something small, you’ll feel more confident about doing other things in life. While most other readings are pure encouragement -- all talk and no action -- this book offers real life scenarios and diagrams that are very relatable. Every chapter discusses different perspective on how to improve your self-image and be the best you can be.
While reading the book, one is constantly reminded about these and provided some simple solutions on breaking free from them. Every chapter is full of life changing insight and transforming exercises.Maddy's book is a book to carry with you in your bag every day. As you successfully accomplish your small goals, you’ll be building more and more confidence. Even a flick through it may act as your daily dose of 'food for thought' and set you up for a good day.It is a book that one will refer to again and again.
I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about themselves or who wishes to develop their self esteem and happy relationships. I also feel you will get most out of the book if you could bring along your spouse or a friend and practise the exercises together.
Whether its your professional or personal life, this book can help you to understand the root cause of the problems and help you to be more positive, believe in yourself and live a fulfilled life.Thank you Maddy for this masterpiece!
The author has fearlessly used his own example at the start of the book about his challenges and achievements that compels one to think that ok if this person can go through his set of difficulties in life and still be able to fight back and achieve so much and be a productive member of the society. The chapter on self-esteem and the fact that is worth more than what societal pressure imposes on you is very helpful as well. Though the book generally targets issues that are applicable to both the sexes but the additional chapter about self-image is something that will help the female readers in particular. I also believe that the book is helpful for many out there who may be brilliant at their existing skills however due to the lack of self confidence have not been able to exploit their talent at its fullest. This became the biggest reason for me to write this book and create seminars and home study course.
I like how time and again helpful quotations have been used throughout the book - i as a reader have highlighted my favorite ones as its nice to flick through the book once in a while and read these :) Also, the exercise of self-analysis is very helpful too - it does help after reading each chapter to analyze how one is feeling in certain areas of their lives and dwell on the root causes of their problems. To summarise I can say that the key benefits a reader can attain from the book would be encouragement at leadership skills, help at developing and maintaining a positive attitude and most importantly, to never cease believing in oneself. In this Easy to read and Practical book Maddy Malhotra aims to help us change that forever. If you have ever failed to achieve something you set out to do or achieved it and then lost it afterwards, this is the book for you.

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