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Meditation during childbirth helps in enrichment of health during the prenatal period, to calm the pain during birth and even is beneficial in healing method during postnatal period. DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is an important hormone which is necessary for motor co- ordination and memory functioning. Stress and anxiety, the two most common problems during pregnancy can be easily avoided with meditation. Studies have proven that women who are addicted with cigarettes, drugs and junk foods have been able to make healthier choices after meditating. Women who meditates during pregnancy can handle the labor pain in a better way and in most of the cases can avoid cesarean section. Meditation helps in establishing a strong bond between the mother and the baby, as she can feel the presence of the unborn in a better way.
Many medical health professionals have acknowledged the role that pregnancy yoga can play in ensuring safe delivery in pregnancy. Yes, even with all the stress, anxiety, mood swings, hormonal rush and many a times problems that it brings along, pregnancy still rocks!Still one cannot deny the fact, that with pregnancy a lot of uninvited guests tag along.
The regular practice of meditation and yoga during pregnancy reduce premature birth, lessens complications in the newborn baby and improve the weight of the baby.

It improves the mood which keeps both mother and womb baby happy and calm through meditation. The sudden instability binges and emotional urges can be controlled doing meditation because only when the mother is in peace the little life inside her stays calm and secure. Therefore, deep breathing during meditation helps in proper blood flow and good oxygen absorption which even reduces the chances of Hypoxia. Studies have shown that these women also need lesser number of drugs compared to women who do not meditate in pregnancy.
Not just that, the mantras or hymns chanted while meditating have positive effect on the mental health of the baby and gives them a better temperament. Pregnancy yoga includes certain exercises or asanas that require women to move or hold their body in various positions. It is like that a woman can pass the benefits of meditation to the baby through the pregnant woman’s bloodstream. Meditation increases DHEA in mind up to a good level which keeps it calm and thus works properly. To deal with the host of mental and physical transformations that accompanies this stage of her life, pregnant women often rely on meditation.

Yet, meditating regularly before going to bed can improve the quality of sleep significantly. It is also a proven fact that women, who meditate during pregnancy can overcome the fear of childbirth significantly. Depression, which is also a common problem affecting many women during pregnancy can be cured with meditation. Therefore meditation is a way to keep well the mother and the womb baby’s health and to strengthen their bonding.
Simply put, meditation helps you pass through your pregnancy comfortably, giving you more energy, strength and peace.
Meditation helps focus on our breathing and hence relaxes muscle tension, reduces stress and gives strength for coping up. Muscle Relaxation: This technique does wonders during pregnancy (and otherwise) if you find difficulty in sleeping.

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