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In the movie "Shrek" the main character wins the heart of the princess by believing in himself despite the opinions of others. Ask yourself why the doubt arose, try to recognize the doubt and trace it back to its true roots. Do not justify anything unnecessarily but give yourself the due credit for everything good you have done. You will fail because it is the law of nature, sometimes we fail and sometimes we win but give yourself more space. On the contrary, surround yourself with positive people and learn from their hopeful attitude towards life.

If you fail in your endeavors then tell yourself that tomorrow is another day and you will again give your hundred percent.
It is only by believing in himself that Shrek has the courage and self-confidence to succeed. Be your own critic and your won best friend; talking to yourself will give you ample amount of clarity and confidence. Tell yourself that it was difficult but not impossible and you proved your potential in it.
When you will start giving yourself chances and forgiving yourself for failing then your doubts will start taking a backseat and you will start to learn to believe in yourself.

Here in this article, we have given some simple tips to follow to learn how to believe in yourself.

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